Important Information for Teams Attending the World Series

Entry Fees:

6 open - $583

7 open - $583

8 open - $583

9AA, 9AAA and 9 Open - $583

10AA, 10AAA and 10 Open - $583

11AA, 11AAA and 11 Open - $583

12AA, 12AAA, and 12 Open - $583

13AA, 13AAA, and 13 Open - $657

14AA (54/80), 14AAA (60/90), and 14 Open (60/90)- $657

15 Open - $657

16 Open - $657

World Series Rules

Pitching Cheat Sheet

Big League Dreams Waiver

Big League Dreams Ice Chest Policy


1. All rosters must be entered online. No write in players are allowed. If a manager does not have a player listed online and it is discovered by the tournament, the team will be removed from the event and not allowed to continue play. 

2. All adds must meet all guidelines listed in the rule book. Listing a player on your roster is mandatory but you should also make sure you know that player's entire history of teams he/she have played for. It is the manager's responsibility to insure their roster is correct and in accordance with all USSSA rules.

World Series Entry Fees: TBD


Admission and Sportsmanship:

1. Anyone refusing to wear a wristband or acting in an unsportsmanlike manner will be removed from the event. If removed from the event for unsportsmanlike behavior at the gates or during the event, it will result in said person being removed from the facility for the remainder of the event. Head coaches are responsible for all aspects of their fans. If an issue occurs with a parent, fan, etc associated with a team, the head coach may be suspended for a game, multiple games or the event depending on the severity of the event. 

2. Wristbands for admission must be worn at all times. If you are found in a park without a wristband on, you will be asked to leave immediately and you will have to pay to get back in. Any alteration of wristbands to be removed will constitute manipulation of the admission process and individuals will be removed from the event indefinitely. Wristbands may be worn on your wrist only. If you place them on any item (purse, belt loop, hat, etc) the band will be void.

Pre Order Items

1. Ranger tickets will not be shipped. They will be picked up on July 2nd at TBD located at  TBD. 

2.  All pre order items will be picked up at team check on July 2nd, 2018 with Ranger Tickets, 

3.  Deadline for Ranger Tickets is: June 20, 2018 at 9am.

  • If not ordered through the tournament by the deadline, you may not be able to participate in the Parade of Teams at the Rangers game. 

  • Teams will send a representative to check in on July 2nd between the hours of Noon and 8pm to pick up Ranger Tickets and Player Wristbands for the parade of teams. Meeting Location Address: TBD 

  • Any child that is below 36" does not require a ticket; however, if no ticket then the child is required to sit in a parents lap during the game and cannot be allowed to run around.  Any child at or above 36" is required to purchase a ticket.

Schedules and Skills

1. Pool Schedules will not be posted until two days before the event. We will do our best to get them out earlier but 2 days prior to the event is the latest they will be out. Points that are not posted by June 26, 2017 can not be guaranteed to be utilized in seeding. 

2.  Skills competition times will be out 2 days prior to the event. You will be scheduled a specific time and field for your skills competition. We can not change that time once it is issued. If you choose not to do skills, please let us know so we can notify our staff of the empty slot during skills. 

3. Teams need to plan on the event starting on July 3 and ending on July 8. July 9 will be an overflow day and will only be used if necessary for bracket games on the final day are canceled due to rain. Only if July 8th is rained out will we use July 9th as an option. It is a last resort. 



If you need additional information regarding the USSSA World Series please contact the Tournament Director @

Please remember that we may use Minor League, Major League and NFL Facilities for some of our events. The facilities have the right to modify or adjust any programs as they see fit if weather or other issues arise. If weather issues occur, the parade of teams may be canceled. There are no refunds on tickets if the Rangers have to cancel the parade of teams due to weather issues.

A daily pass bought at any location and a weekly pass will get you in and out of Big League Dreams. All admission will be honored at all parks for this event. BLD does not have an additional admission fee.

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